Find your voice and leave a lasting impression!



The difference between you and someone doing the same (or similar) thing… is your brand voice.

My wife has certain people that she searches out on social media each day to see what they are up to… and yes, we poke fun at her for doing it. I personally just let the algorithm give me what I need. 

We were discussing new cookware recently and she went back to one of her “regulars” because she knew they had posted something that she wanted. 

It hit me when Patti grabbed her phone and said, “I know exactly what we need.” 

This is someone she has been watching for a long time because something they did resonated with her at one time probably on an explore page of some type. It took a while, but it paid off and they got a sale. 

A well-defined brand voice not only helps to build a connection with your target audience but also enhances brand recognition and fosters loyalty. 

We see so many people we admire out there “doing it” and naturally, we’re inclined to take a page from their book. We approach our audience in a way that’s not exactly our voice, but it’s working for someone else, so we give it a go and hope it works for us too.

Sadly, that’s a hard no. It may serve for a while and keep you floating along, but without your distinct brand voice, it won’t help you stand out in the crowd enough to get those high-ticket clients.

A potential customer likes your competitor just fine, but they’re obsessed with hearing what’s going to come out of your mouth next. They’re always anticipating your next post, your next email, your next offer.

That doesn’t come from just playing branding bingo and hoping you eventually hit the jackpot. There’s something tangible going on there. Your clients end up choosing you because they relate to you in some way. Just like my wife did with our new cookware purchase.

Think of your brand as a person – is it witty and humorous, or serious and professional? Is it youthful and energetic, or sophisticated and refined? A brand voice that exudes personality is more likely to capture attention and build emotional connections.

Remember, a strong brand voice is an investment in long-term success, so take the time to craft it thoughtfully and allow it to evolve as you and your business grow.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Re-Activate Your Base

Re-activate Your Base

We took on a new client in the life coaching space about a month ago that wanted to get more systems in place in her business. She had been in that space for many years, but was using different platforms and wanted to get better organized to be able to serve more clients. 

We set her up with new forms on her website hooked to nurturing automations, a new lead magnet, etc… the usual stuff. But while importing her CRM I noticed that she had a contact list of over 5,000 people that had opted-in to something in the past. When I asked her about it, she hadn’t been in contact with most of them in many years. 

We set up a re-engagement campaign with a discounted offer and started sending it gradually to the old list. It worked!! Not just messages and new follows on social, but actual opt-ins for the offer.

Take that as a lesson, especially if you have been in business for a while. Don’t neglect that list that you have collected. Keep them engaged. And if you have neglected that list, find a way to re-engage them and get them back in a pipeline.

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