The Make It or Break It Moment…



We’ve all experienced the excitement that comes with purchasing a new online course or program.

You hit the buy button and feel a rush of excitement…

And then what happens?

That initial enthusiasm often fades quickly when we’re faced with a barrage of videos and worksheets without clear direction.

Procrastination sets in, and sooner or later, you quit.

It’s no wonder that 97% of people who invest in online courses fail to achieve the transformation they were seeking.

As entrepreneurs, we don’t want our customers to be one-time purchasers who never return.

That’s why I firmly believe that the most crucial moment in the customer relationship is not when they make the purchase, but rather the moment right after.

This is the moment of truth, the moment of delivery, when your customers decide if you have fulfilled your promises.

And you can make this magical moment happen when you understand the importance of a well-crafted onboarding sequence.

The Make It or Break It Moment…

An onboarding sequence encompasses the messages, actions, videos, and other interactions that take place immediately after your customers make a purchase.

When executed effectively, your onboarding sequence can generate momentum and inspire new customers to take action from day one, encouraging them to stay engaged until they reach their desired goals.

Unfortunately, that rarely happens!

Often, the initial excitement wears off within a day or two, leaving room for procrastination, doubt, and uncertainty to creep in. Customers begin to question whether their investment was worthwhile, wondering if they’ve made a mistake.

This is precisely why we need an unforgettable onboarding experience. You want to get them hooked on taking action, so they’ll stick with your program to see the results they’re looking for. 

Take a minute and look at your own onboarding experience. Test it out and go through it as a customer would. What needs to be changed and updated? What do you need to add to keep your customers engaged? 

If you don’t currently have an onboarding series in place, reach out and let’s get you set-up with an automated way to welcome your new clients. 

The ultimate goal is to turn your clients into raving fans!

By providing a remarkable onboarding experience, you can lay the foundation for a strong and lasting customer relationship. Make sure they feel supported, motivated, and equipped to succeed from the very beginning.

TIP OF THE WEEK – Email Personalization

Email personalization is crucial in establishing a meaningful connection with recipients. It allows for tailored messaging that resonates with individual preferences and needs, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

🤗 Make it personal – Ensuring individuals feel valued is crucial. By customizing your email communications, you cultivate a more captivating and meaningful encounter for your highly dedicated customers.

📊 Segmentation – Categorize your customers into segments according to demographics, purchase history, or level of engagement. By doing so, you can create personalized content that caters to each group’s distinct requirements, fostering increased participation and involvement. 

💥 Dynamic content – For instance, when a customer leaves their cart unattended, you have the opportunity to send them a personalized reminder email, offering a small discount to encourage them to finalize their purchase. 

🧠 More than a name – Personalization extends beyond mere name insertion. By utilizing segments and metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, your team can gain insights into the most effective forms of personalization that deeply connect with your audience.